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Advanced Computer Architecture Engineering Notes Pdf – ACA Notes Pdf

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Advanced Computer Architecture Engineering Notes Pdf – ACA Notes Pdf

Here we are providing Advanced Computer Architecture Engineering Notes Pdf free Download. This notes is one of the important Subject for Computer Science Engineering (CSE) Students. ACA Notes is especially prepared for Jntu, JntuA, JntuK, JntuH and Other University Students. The author’s clearly explained about Advanced Computer Architecture Engineering Notes by Using simple language.

Brief Syllabus on Advanced Computer Architecture Engineering

Unit – I

Fundamentals of Computer design- Technology trends- cost- measuring and reporting performance quantitative principles of computer design.

Unit – II
Instruction set principles and examples- classifying instruction set- memory addressing- type and size of operands- addressing modes for signal processing-operations in the instruction set- instructions for control flow- encoding an instruction set.-the role of compiler.

Unit – III
Instruction level parallelism (ILP)- over coming data hazards- reducing branch costs –high performance instruction delivery- hardware based speculation- limitation of ILP

Unit – IV
ILP software approach- compiler techniques- static branch protection – VLIW approach – H.W support for more ILP at compile time- H.W verses S.W Solutions

Unit – V
Memory hierarchy design- cache performance- reducing cache misses penalty and miss rate – virtual memory- protection and examples of VM.

Unit – VI
Multiprocessors and thread level parallelism- symmetric shared memory architectures- distributed shared memory- Synchronization- multi threading.

Unit – VII
Storage systems- Types – Buses – RAID- errors and failures- bench marking a storage device- designing a I/O system.

Unit – VIII
Inter connection networks and clusters- interconnection network media – practical issues in interconnecting networks- examples – clusters- designing a cluster.

1. Computer Architecture A quantitative approach 3rd edition John L. Hennessy & David A. Patterson Morgan Kufmann (An Imprint of Elsevier).


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1. “Computer Architecture and parallel Processing” Kai Hwang and A.Briggs International Edition McGraw-Hill.
2. Advanced Computer Architectures, Dezso Sima, Terence Fountain, Peter Kacsuk, Pearson.
3. Parallel Computer Architecture, A Hardware / Software Approach, David E. Culler, Jaswinder Pal singh with Anoop Gupta, Elsevier.

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