Switching Theory and Logic Design Notes (STLD)

By | August 12, 2017

Switching Theory and Logic Design Notes 

Download Switching Theory and Logic Design Notes, STLD Notes in Pdf Format. Here we also providing Lecturer Notes and Material of STLD in Pdf Format.

UNIT I of STLD Notes

NUMBER SYSTEMS & CODES : Philosophy of number systems – complement representation of negative numbers-binary arithmetic-binary codes-error detecting & error correcting codes –hamming codes.

UNIT II of Switching Theory and Logic Design Material and Notes

BOOLEAN ALGEBRA AND SWITCHING FUNCTIONS : Fundamental postulates of Boolean Algebra – Basic theorems and properties – switching functions–Canonical and Standard forms-Algebraic simplification digital logic gates, properties of XOR gates –universal gates-Multilevel NAND/NOR realizations.

UNIT III of Switching Theory and Logic Design Lecturer Notes

MINIMIZATION OF SWITCHING FUNCTIONS : Map method, Prime implicants, Don’t care combinations, Minimal SOP and POS forms, Tabular Method, Prime –Implicant chart, simplification rules.


COMBINATIONAL LOGIC DESIGN Design using conventional logic gates, Encoder, Decoder, Multiplexer, De-Multiplexer, Modular design using IC chips, MUX Realization of switching functions Parity bit generator, Code-converters, Hazards and hazard free realizations.

UNIT V – Switching theory and logic design Notes

PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC DEVICES, THRESHOLD LOGIC : Basic PLD’s-ROM, PROM, PLA, PLD Realization of Switching functions using PLD’s. Capabilities and limitations of Threshold gate, Synthesis of Threshold functions, Multigate Synthesis.

UNIT VI – Switching theory and logic design Notes

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS – I : Classification of sequential circuits (Synchronous, Asynchronous, Pulse mode, Level mode with examples) Basic flip-flops-Triggering and excitation tables. Steps in synchronous sequential circuit design. Design of modulo-N Ring & Shift counters, Serial binary adder,sequence detector.

UNIT VII – Switching theory and logic design Notes

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS – II : Finite state machine-capabilities and limitations, Mealy and Moore models-minimization of completely specified and incompletely specified sequential machines, Partition techniques and Merger chart methods-concept of minimal cover table.

UNIT VIII – Switching theory and logic design Notes

ALGORITHMIC STATE MACHINES : Salient features of the ASM chart-Simple examples-System design using data path and control subsystems-control implementations-examples of Weighing machine and Binary multiplier.

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